Q. Do you always wear religious robes during the ceremony?

I am very sensitive to interfaith and non-Christian couples. For Christian ceremonies, I usually wear a clerical collar and a robe with crosses. I often wear a plain black robe similar to a judge’s robe and can substitute the clerical collar with a shirt and tie if that is more appropriate for interfaith ceremonies. Every effort is made to make the ceremony a joyous occasion and not cause offense to any guest or even to the couple themselves. Photos of me in various ceremonial robes can be found throughout my website

Q. How long is the ceremony?

The length of course depends on many variables, such as:
Will someone be reading either a poem, from the Bible, or both?
Will anyone sing a special song during the ceremony?
How many will be in the procession?
Since most reception sites have a 30-minute limit, I conform to that policy.

Q. What types of ceremonies do you perform?

While the ceremonies are non-denominational, they are deeply spiritual and are designed to meet the couple’s individual needs.

Some of the various types of ceremonies are:

  • Interfaith where one or both partners is not Christian
  • Non-denominational
  • Vow renewals
  • Christenings
  • Funerals
  • Adoption ceremonies

Q. I am divorced, does that matter?

What matters to me is if the couple loves each other. If the state issues a license, a marriage can take place so long as the couple is in love and freely chooses to get married without any question in their mind to do so. I believe that because you embrace a very serious love and wish to commit to each other “all the days of your life,” then you have God’s blessing.

Q. Can I write my own vows?

Of course you can, since I feel that your ceremony should have special meaning to you. You may, however, want to review all options before making a decision.

Q. What is your fee?

The fee is based on several factors such as location and type of ceremony, with the average Northern NJ or NYC ceremony set at $375. Central, Southern NJ or Hudson Valley ceremonies are slightly higher, with a gas and tolls differential.

Typically, a deposit of $75.00 will reserve your date, with the balance due on the day of the ceremony.
Remember, the ceremony is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your wedding day and probably the least expensive.

Q. What do your services include?

My services include:

  • Meeting with the couple to compose the ceremony
  • Reviewing and giving written rehearsal instructions for your maitre d’ to enable him or her to conduct the rehearsal
  • Coordination with both the maitre d’ and the DJ on the day of the ceremony to ensure a smooth flow for the ceremony
  • Officiating the ceremony
  • Travel expenses to and from the reception site
  • Filing your marriage license in the town in which the ceremony took place

Q. What is the next step?

Once you have set your ceremony date, you should contact me to make an appointment to discuss your ceremony and all the details of your special day.

During your consultation visit, I will discuss readings, mentioning people who are not able to be at the ceremony, the unity candle, circle of love for children, writing your own vows and any other special touch you may want in your ceremony.