Rev. Joseph A. Ianiro, Jr. DD

Since 1992

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I am an ordained non-denominational Christian minister. I serve all races, faiths or lifestyles with all life cycle events, including weddings, and have been doing so since 1992. I am also a recognized Pastoral Counselor in local communities.

Over the years, I have developed a compassionate understanding for everyone's individual circumstances. I strongly believe that all people should be received and celebrated as God's children. I recognize that while many have a strong belief in God or a deep spiritual awareness, they may not belong to any official religion. Some may have even been turned away or even turned off by their own church. I extend this compassion to the LGBT community, officiating same-gender weddings and making them Holy Unions as well.

All races, faiths or lifestyles are served; I believe that all people should be received and celebrated as God's children with an "Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Arms." While I was born, raised and still live in northern New Jersey, I officiate at ceremonies in New Jersey, NYC and the Hudson Valley.

My non-denominational belief is that God won't ask us our religion on judgement day. Instead, the depth of our character and what we did or did not is on what we will be judged.

My ministry is NOT part of a "minister mill" or a business solely set up to perform wedding ceremonies. I am a minister for all life cycle events such as baptisms, vow renewals and memorial services.

Your ceremony should have special meaning to you, and by working together with you, I will make your wedding, anniversary or vow renewal ceremony remembered for a lifetime.

All ceremonies are deeply spiritual but non-denominational; they are personalized to meet the needs of every couple and their individual circumstances.

Your ceremony will be coordinated with great care and with attention to detail. Every ceremony is developed on an individual basis. Some couples may be getting married for the first time, while other couples may have been previously married and I will endeavor to address all the details.

Uniting couples with children from a previous or current relationship and creating a new family is my personal favorite. Children are encouraged to be a part of the ceremony and are welcomed as members of the "new" family. Parents, other relatives and friends are also encouraged to participate in the ceremony.

Special sensitivity is given to interfaith couples with individual traditions and cultures and to children from a previous relationship. Oftentimes, couples from different cultures come together and I will assist you with incorporating your own culture into your ceremony to unite your two worlds and families.

I will guide you through what would or would not be appropriate for you, with you making the final decision.

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